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The Blades Grim Luxury Shaving Soap

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The Blades Grim Luxury Shaving Soap

Hello, Guys,

My name is Eric James Hall. I’m a professional barber (30 years), and president and developer of Eric James Hall Rock’n Hair Care. Today, I’m going to talk about a fantastic product in the Blades Grim Shaving Line – the Blades Grim Luxury Shaving Soap.

Let’s get down to business. The first thing I noticed was the top notch silk screened logo with all the information clearly legible on the consumer friendly twist-off container. Upon opening, the soap itself rests inside a custom-wrapped wax paper with the name of the scent clearly marked. The warm and intoxicating cinder scent wafted up from this already guy-friendly packaging.

Believe me, gentlemen, I gave no mercy when I ripped the wax paper apart, and saw my newest shaving best friend. The scent of this product definitely says, “I am a man.” There is absolutely no shred of the usual “generic gender no specific scent” usually found in most products today. I dropped the soap into my favorite shaving mug, using some warm water and my favorite brush, and started with the outer edge and worked my brush to the center. What happened next was just another notch in the belt of this fine product; the texture and mass of this soap is such that it instantly whips itself up into a bubbly, creamy yet firm full-bodied shaving lather. My suggestion is to start with a few rotations inward and see first-hand how much lather you may want. The lather is amazing and stays on the end of the brush, which allowed me to place it directly to the specific area of my face I wanted, and it rested peacefully in place.

I also like the touch of alkaline in this shaving product. It creates more “whisker stand-up.” After giving my blade a quick strop, I put the blade to my face using a downward free hand stroke, and hit the apex of shaving satisfaction. The slickness of the Grim Luxury Shaving Soap was right on the money. No surface tension, no pull; just sleek moving face to blade action. This particular quality feature is where the rubber hits the road in this barber’s opinion!

By having such a slick coconut oil base to the soap, it creates a barrier from blade to skin to prevent the one thing, razor burn, that will make a man quit wet shaving and go back to the no technique fast food way of shaving. That’s right, men, that problem has been eliminated by the shaving soap side of this company. To finish my shaving technique -- with a reverse free hand stroke, I already knew what was in store, so I jumped in with full confidence and completed the stroke in one pass. Once I finished my shave, a touch of sadness came over me. But then, I remembered I get to use this absolutely user-friendly premium quality Blades Grim Luxury Shaving Soap again tomorrow.

My review of this product gives it an A-1 rating and two thumbs up. I continue to look forward to using this product professionally and personally. It is a must have for any guy, either veteran or beginner, in the timeless and stoic art of the wet shave.

That’s all for now. My name is Eric James Hall, reviewing for 

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