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​The Blades Grim Beard Oil - First Order, Application & Vital Info

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The Blades Grim Beard Oil

The problem with beards for most men is keeping them in tip top shape and maintaining their fullness. While keeping a beard properly trimmed, healthy and smooth is simple for some, for others, it can be a source of frustration and embarrassment. Many men report having a difficult time growing an impressive beard even after several failed attempts. Some people write it off, abandoning the look altogether. Others have become quite inventive on their personal quest toward a fuller beard, that is where we can help. Our beard care and beard grooming products work wonders on facial hair. From reducing the itch of the new beard to softening and straightening older growth.

Extreme measures

Some men have gone to great lengths to achieve a prominent beard. Some go out of their way by trimming and grooming the beard obsessively in order to get results. Others look toward hormone treatments to improve the fullness of their beards. Some men resort to using beard implants. Beard implants may be a little pricey for some, and others may be reluctant to go the testosterone route. There just aren’t enough options for men with struggling beards. That is, until one starts using our beard oils, beard balms, beard wash and other fine beard grooming products for the first time.

Growing an even beard

An even beard is definitely something many men struggle with. Some men spend their entire lives attempting to grow a beard, only for it to end up thin in some areas. Our gentle oil products give men the fullness of a beard with regular use. You are capable of having the beard you have always aspired to have with our beard oil regimen.

What else can beard oil do?

While appearance factors like fullness and evenness are a priority for most, skin care is another top consideration. Oil is applied properly has an array of skin care benefits as well. The oils are made of key ingredients like jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and other natural care extracts. The ingredients not only stimulate growth, but they also rejuvenate the skin (our vitamin E is awesome in these products). The skin is treated and conditioned every time our beard oil is used and you’re going to see a difference almost instantly.

When is it used?

The oil is applied to the skin daily. There are several practical treat regimen options available. The first option is to use it when washing the face daily. A mild soap (see our beard wash) can be combined with the beard oil for the best results. Some use it after the shower as a post treatment for the skin. Others use the oil as a grooming aid when
preparing for the day. The oil is used to tame the stray hairs growing in a beard.

Does it work?

The treatment works. Most men are extremely impressed with the results. Each ingredient used in the proprietary blend has been tested for maximum efficacy. Our ingredients are natural. Only the top quality formulations are used for our products. Every unit must meet quality assurance requirements before being released. We are committed to maintaining the utmost level of quality for each unit we sell.

If you have always worked hard to no avail at creating a wonderful beard, then you’ll find our solution to be of tremendous help. There is no longer a need to agonize over the scruffy, unkempt, thin beard anymore. Anyone can grow the beard of their dreams with a beard oil regimen from The Blades Grim. Contact us today to place your first order.

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