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How To Properly Use A Strop

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Check out the video where we discuss strops, the different types and how to properly maintain your strop.

What is stropping? Stropping is a process that realigns a blade to the correct angle in addition to polishing the edge of the blade for optimal sharpness. If you are committing to using a straight razor, then a strop is a must have addition to your shave set. 

How often should you strop your blade?

Depending on your use, you should strop your blade approximately 40 laps before each shave. Many people prefer to strop after each shave, that's a decision that's up to you. Just remember, keeping your blade sharp is a MUST.

In order to ensure your strop is properly cared for make sure you hang your strop after each use. Do not bend it as it will damage the surface of your strop and prevent an effective stropping of your blade. 

Always move the blade while stropping toward the back of the blade, never toward the cutting edge. During stropping, the blade should never leave the strop, you simply roll to each side as you move back and forth.

In order to maintain your strop you can use 2 different compounds: Chromium Oxide and Iron Oxide. They add a precise amount of abrasive to your strop which aids in the honing process. 

Second is a strop conditioner. You can apply it evenly and with hanging your strop you can ensure your strop will last decades.

The 3 types of strops you'll find in the video. 

1. 3in synthetic practice strop. These work great for beginners because you can learn how to properly strop without worrying about cutting a real strop. You can also buy a practice razor. They come with a blunt edge so, if you prefer to strop on your "real" strop you won't worry about damaging it.

2. Next is a leather strop from Classic Shaving. This is a "double" strop meaning there is a second nylon strop in addition to the leather one. 

3. The last is a Box Strop. It's basically 4, 2in strops. 2 sides are rough leather, one is tanned leather for finer stropping and the last side is a premium leather for finish stropping. 

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