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Switch to Shaving with a Brush and Shave Soap

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Make the Switch to Shaving with a Brush and Shave Soap

There are many benefits to switching from shaving cream dabbed on with your hands to creating a shaving experience by applying shaving soap with a brush. Let's face it, most men view shaving as a chore or a daily grind. What once was a relaxing experience with a straight razor at the barbershop has turned into a rushed daily hygiene task. The most common techniques in shaving today involve aerosol shave creams and disposable swivel head razors. Some even opt for dry shaves with electric razors. However, once you experience the benefits of shaving with a quality shaving brush and shave soap, you won't want to go back.

Men who lather up with shaving cream for a wet shave on a daily basis have all wished they could find a cream that didn't dry out their skin. Shaving creams laden with added chemicals cause skin irritation and dryness. They also contain numbing agents, which is also harmful to your skin. Shaving soaps provide extra protection for those with sensitive skin or allergies to certain products often found in creams. Many shaving soaps are made with natural products and help moisturize the skin. Good shaving soap also provides a richer, thicker lather, which creates a smoother shave. It allows the razor to gently glide across the skin without that dragging and pulling, which is the leading cause of nicks and cuts. Overall, it is a much more pleasurable experience.

Fragrances are another concern among shavers. Some men like heavily scented creams and those with a unisex or generic essence, but many men and women prefer a cleaner, less obvious scent. Shave soaps normally have natural scents that are lighter and do not assault the senses. Many commercial fragrances in shave creams also contain extra alcohol content, which dries out the skin even more. Shave soaps scents don't contain additional alcohol. You end up with a fresher, cleaner smell instead of smelling like a perfume factory.

The best way to apply shave soap is with a bristle brush. Using a special shaving brush has many advantages. Probably the biggest difference is the way a brush is able to exfoliate dead and dry skin on the face. When lathering up with your hands, you are rubbing the hidden toxins and dirt into your skin. A brush eliminates this, giving your complexion an extra boost.

A quality, fibrous bristle brush (either natural or synthetic) allows water to be held within the bristles of the brush. When this added water combines with the soap, it creates an abundant lather. The thicker the lather, the less skipping and dragging occurs. The end result is a smooth shave with little irritation.

The greatest benefit of using a shave brush and soap occurs when applying the soap to the face. It softens brittle, stubborn hairs and helps lift them away from the skin. When this happens, you get a closer shave, less stubble, and a baby soft feel to the skin. Applying shaving cream by hand mats hair or raises it unevenly, leaving aggravating stubble and shading behind.

There are many different shave brushes and shave soaps to choose from. By using quality products like Blades Grim Luxury Shaving Soap, you will notice an immediate improvement in your shaves. Choosing a product that has natural moisturizers, like coconut oil will also serve you well. If you want a shave that is going to leave your skin feeling baby smooth without redness and irritation, the best way to achieve it is by using a shaving brush and shaving soap.

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