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Smolder Beard Oil and Shaving Soap – A Big Win

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Smolder Beard Oil - By The Blades GrimLet’s face it, beards are in right now. There is huge culture of well bearded men out there that are just following the trend. Well, guess what, more power to them. But, this post is for the long-timers, or in some cases, the bearded lifers (like myself), and anyone interested in some great beard care products.

I have had a beard for a decade or more. In fact, I don’t even remember what I look like without facial hair, it’s been that long. My girlfriend of 6 and ½ years has never seen or known me without my red beard, and there’s no telling if that will ever change. So, when I heard about The Blades Grim and shaving supplies I was intrigued, to say the least. And when I tried the products, my expectations were met and far exceeded.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “self, why does this guy need a straight razor or shaving supplies?” And, that’s a valid question. The Answer – I am among the corporate bearded culture that, despite my personal wishes, must adhere (to a certain extent) to a set of personal guidelines set by my employer. I won’t mention who I work for, but let’s just say you’ve all heard of this company – A LOT. So, I have to shave my neck line and look as well groomed as a bearded man like myself can look. This is where The Blades Grim came into my life.

Let me start by saying that the simple and sleek design of these products is already a win. No frills or fancy packaging when it comes to these products, just a clean and simple appearance (gold labeling with black print) – letting the products do all of the work. The beard oil comes in a brown glassed one (1) ounce vile-like bottle with a black screw top. Simple and nice looking. Whereas the Luxury Shaving Soap comes in a small gold, screw-top, shoe polish-like tin. Again, simple and unassuming yet nice enough looking to leave out on the bathroom counter - with pride.

Next is the scent. Now, I am referring to the “Smolder” Beard Oil and Luxury Shaving Soap when I describe these products, so if you have anything else from The Grim lineup, I can’t speak to those products… yet. With a list of seemingly pure ingredients from apricot, avocado, and vitamins, the smell is rather inviting. What smells a bit like vanilla and some smokiness (in the Smolder Beard Oil) amounts to a masculine scent that I can say I’m happy to use on my “money-maker”. The Luxury Shave Soap has a slightly different scent, though equally inviting. With ingredients like Coconut Oil, how can you go wrong?

Overall, I must say I was very pleased with the appearance and fragrance of both products in the shaving and accessory lineup. But, for a more in depth look at my usage results and little bit more about me, stay tuned for my next post.

Thank you all for your time and keep growing those beards!

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