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Prevent Ingrown Hairs With 3 Simple Tips

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Nobody likes ingrown hairs. Reducing their existence is as simple as ensuring you're shaving technique is spot on. 

So what is the best way to prevent ingrown hairs. Here's 3 Tips That will Prevent Ingrown Hairs:

1. Keep Your Razor Sharp:

Marketing today tells us that the more blades we have in our razor the "better" shave we will have. This is FALSE! Actually, one sharp blade will out perform a multi-blade cartridge razor any day. Multi-blade razors will dull quickly and actually cause more irritation than a single blade. So, make sure you have 1 sharp quality blade ad you'll be one step closer to freedom from ingrown hairs.

2. Soften Your Skin And Hair:

Take a little extra time and make sure to soften your face and hair by using a warm wet wash cloth or shaving right after showering. It'll make the hair easier to cut and your face will thank you.

3. Use A Pre-Shave Oil:

This will of course soften your face and hair even more than using just warm water. But, the oil will also act as a lubricant for the blade. Allowing ot to smoothly glide across your face with less irritation. The oil will also hydrate your skin and provide it with much needed vitamins and minerals it needs to stay healthy. Yes, your skin needs to stay healthy!

Lastly just a few more tips for you as you get ready for that next shave.

- Shave in the same direction your hair grows

- Make as few passes as possible to reduce irritation

- apply cold water or a cold wash cloth to your face after shaving.

- Use an aftershave to nourish your skin

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