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Ali's Blade

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There are some encounters that can change a man and/or give him another sense. Ali had discovered the strajght razor by chance and since this day, he became a fan of this object and of it's fabrication. One can not imagine to which point an object could become an object of such fascination, but the route of Ali is an ilustration.

He decided to transform his passion to a job, and he took the decision to create razors, straight razors aesthetics and practicals. His wish is to make from a daily object a piece of art.

All his work is the product of many hours of research, and formation.  Self-taught, he began with the restoration of old straight razors before the fabrication.

His work highlights Ali’s main qualities like meticulousness, care, his attachment of detail, and the precision. He works with all the materials, and now he have an own style recongnizable anywhere.

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