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Alex Jacques

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Hello my name is Alex Jacques and I specialize in creating the finest handmade straight razors available today. All steps in making a razor are performed in my own shop from blade grinding to heat treating to final honing. Through detailed study and practice I have come to pride myself on my design, artistic approach, and most importantly function in terms of developing blades for daily use. An Alex Jacques handmade straight razor is a piece of functional art that will last for a lifetime. 

My Story: 
" I first got into straight razors as a method of shaving. I was fed up with both cartridge razors and electric razors because of both cost and lack of a decent shave. I had an epiphany one day when I discovered that straight razors were still alive and kicking. I researched for months and finally bought my first supplies a shave-ready razor, strop, decent soap, and badger hair brush. At last my shaving journey had really gotten into full swing. 

From then on, it was all about razors for me. I discovered online forums and started getting heavily into buying and restoring antique straights. I was influenced from the start by Bill Ellis a well-known razor/knife maker and restorer. After becoming well known myself on internet razor forums for rescaling (scales is the technical name for a razor's handle) and restoring antique straights I progressed into an interest in the custom knife realm. This opened me up to the possibilities that had yet to be tapped for handmade razors. I soon found local knifemaker Richard S. Wright as an inspiration and teacher. He was generous enough to sit down with me, answer questions, and show me the ins and outs of knifemaking. 

Shortly after that I bought my first serious knife grinder and got down to work putting in hours of practice grinding blades. I received ongoing encouragement from Richard and then Indian George Rebello after meeting him at his shop. It became clear in little time that making razors would be a big part of my life. There was no stopping my determination at that point. 

I continuously try to push my own envelope, concentrating on the small details that make a quality product. Whether or not one likes my style, I try to leave no question as to the quality of my work. Personal preference for aesthetics come and go, but superb craftsmanship is immortal. Enjoy!" 

Warranty: All razors have a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Just contact us if you have any problems. 

Honing/Shave Ready: All razors will be honed and shave ready to my standards (up to 12k and then stropped with .5 micron Chromium Oxide) with one piece of tape (Super 88 Electrical) on the spine. I will strop on plain leather also before shipping. For your first shave you may want to strop on plain leather again as long as you are confident enough not to roll the edge. 

-Alex Jacques 
I make straight razors...

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